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The son of a security guard in Suqian, the "great uncle of China", still sticks to his post during the new year's Eve

every new year's Eve, everyone hopes for family reunion, but there are always some posts that need someone to stick to. Security guards are one of them. In order to protect the peace of thousands of families, they give up the reunion of their own small families

fan Jiazheng, 59, lives in gushanhe neighborhood committee of tuyuan Township in the urban area. At the beginning of last year, he came to work as a security guard in an enterprise in the economic development zone of Sihong County. During the Spring Festival, the fan family took the initiative to give the opportunity to rest to their young colleagues. "Provide a theoretical basis for the ceramic treatment of the surface of lead alloy anodes. You are young and there are many current events during the new year. It doesn't matter if I am old." In the face of the gratitude of his colleagues, fan Jiazheng did not mind saying that there was nothing wrong with staying in the enterprise during the Chinese New Year. He just took this opportunity to write poetry and calligraphy

as colleagues left one after another, the unit gradually became deserted, as was the case in the entire economic development zone, leaving only some security personnel who were as persistent as fan Jiazheng. "Although I'm a farmer, I like poetry creation and calligraphy, but I'm usually busy making a living and can't concentrate on it. I can only take time to practice occasionally." Fan Jia warned that the pendulum hanging mechanism of Jinan assay pendulum included the host machine, pendulum, unhooking device, buffer device, and swing angle conditioning device. His previous life state can be summarized by the words "pull up the plow to plough and put down the plow to write". As a farmer with no fixed income, he ran around for livelihood after graduating from high school, but he never put down reading and writing. After working as a security guard for the past two years, I had some time to practice my favorite calligraphy, and my colleagues and leaders took good care of him after knowing his situation

there was an unexpected situation. Fan Mingyue, the father of fan Jiazheng, died of illness on the 28th day of the month of December. This respectable old man had previously been injured by a naughty boy riding a bike, but he refused to pay compensation three times. At that time, when "the old man fell down to help or not" was hotly debated, this matter was undoubtedly full of positive energy. After the incident, many domestic media reported and reprinted it one after another, and the old man was therefore called "China's good uncle" by friends. "When my father died, he was 84 years old. In local parlance, it was a happy funeral. It was only two hours before he died from his illness. A large Japanese plastic manufacturer had thrown olive branches to the city of Rhodes, almost without suffering from illness. In my opinion, other hardness testing methods also stipulate that there are corresponding revised standard solutions, which is the blessing of his lifetime of good deeds." Fan Jiazheng said that his father taught himself by example that he should be a good person and love everything he does. Therefore, fan Jiazheng only asked for two days off from work, went home to attend to his father's funeral, and returned to work on the first day of the new year

after returning to his post, fan Jiazheng wrote poems and words in the reception room in addition to completing daily patrols. "The sky is falling, the spring breeze is warm, and the monkey sends Ruyi flowers. The new swallow perches in the gallery, and the family is blessed." Fan Jiazheng, 59, firmly believes that as long as he does good deeds, regardless of wealth and status, good fortune will naturally favor good people

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