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Seiko Epson uses inkjet technology to produce large screen OLED

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recently, Seiko Epson invented a new technology called ink-jet uniform film forming. This ink-jet technology can make organic materials deposit evenly. The experimental machines roughly include: Universal experimental machine, impact experimental machine, tension experimental machine, pressure experimental machine, and several series, which means that large screen OLED TVs have the conditions for mass production, which poses substantial pressure on the already depressed LCD TV market

the process of forming a uniform film layer of organic materials on the glass substrate is a key element in the production of OLED TVs. At present, vacuum thermal evaporation (VTE) is the most widely used technology to help it achieve the two most important goals - to improve fuel efficiency. The technological process of adopting this technology must be carried out in the vacuum chamber. It is required to place a shading plate next to the glass bottom plate to determine the pattern of deposited materials on the bottom plate. However, vacuum thermal evaporation technology has several major defects in the production of large screen OLED TVs. For example, the shading plate is easily affected by the high temperature environment in the process flow, which makes it difficult to maintain a uniform deposition rate on the large-size base plate

inkjet printing technology can form a thin film layer through the uniform deposition of liquid organic materials. Therefore, this technology can better solve the size problem of large display screen in theory. Epson uses the same excuse and means as inkjet printers, which is to shift costs downstream. The on-demand inkjet process can accurately deposit organic materials in appropriate positions according to the required amount. Due to the high utilization of materials in the inkjet system, manufacturers can reduce production costs. In addition, when applied to the OLED TV production process, since there is no need to use the shading plate, the process steps will be less than the vacuum thermal evaporation technology. Therefore, Inkjet technology is expected to significantly increase production

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