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Security Control Technology launched the world's first wide temperature safety rtu/plc product

on the afternoon of May 10, the national standard "technical specification for remote terminal unit (RTU)" was released in Beijing. At the same time, as a RTU technical expert and the leading drafting unit of national standards, Beijing security control technology also released the world's first wide temperature safety rtu/plc product security control technology function safety rocke50 on site

with the development of intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection and artificial intelligence, the collection and transmission of industrial field data are becoming more and more important, which has become the basis for realizing the informatization and intellectualization of manufacturing industry. Impact testing machine is a remote terminal unit (RTU) that will monitor, control and data collection according to the set time range, and has become an important branch in the field of industrial automation products

Tian Zhaoying, deputy director of the second industry department of the National Standardization Administration Committee, pointed out at the meeting that many enterprises, such as Arnold fasteners of remote terminal unit (RTU), binke automotive fasteners, Shanghai Weibo and so on, developed in combination with the guidelines for the construction of national intelligent manufacturing standard system, will focus on the demonstration of fastening, self tapping screw connection, bonding The specification of all-round solutions covering the connection of metal and non-metallic materials, such as tightening, is an important standard in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and it is also the first national standard in the field of remote terminal unit (RTU). The RTU national standard "technical specification for remote terminal unit (RTU)" specifies the industrial environmental adaptability and safety requirements, functional requirements, performance requirements, test and verification, inspection rules, nameplate, data and packaging requirements of RTU. The implementation of RTU national standards will effectively improve the product quality of domestic RTU, solve the problems of efficiency, order and sustainable development in the application market of RTU products in the early stage, and have a positive impact on the standardized application of RTU and the promotion of localization substitution. This standard will better regulate and guide industry manufacturers and users to master and apply this technology, so as to promote the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

it is understood that the launch of the standard "technical specification for remote measurement and control terminal (RTU)" has made up for the vacancy that there is no relevant national standard for RTU, an important product branch in the automation field; It will provide standard technical support and strong guarantee for the industrial application of RTU products and technologies in China and product developers, and lay a foundation for the unified standards for the design, development and application of domestic safe RTU products in oil and gas, electric power, natural gas, water conservancy and other national key energy industries. At the same time, it can also promote the promotion and application of China's domestic independent technology, and enhance the ability of China's local brands to participate in international market competition

Bu Zhijun, an expert of the standard working group and China Petroleum Pipeline Administration Engineering Co., Ltd., introduced that at present, the specifications of RTU products in the industry are complex and the versatility is poor. From the perspective of industry demand, unified standards are needed to stabilize and improve the quality of products and services. At the same time, in the oil and gas pipeline transportation control system market, foreign well-known brand products occupy the oil and gas pipeline transportation control system market. In recent years, domestic manufacturers of automatic control system devices have grown rapidly. At present, products of local manufacturers with independent brands and independent intellectual property rights, such as security control technology, have been widely used in the industry. The implementation of the standard will be more conducive to promoting the substitution of domestic RTU for foreign products in pipeline application

as an innovative product in the automation field and an industry smart solution provider, security control technology has been committed to the independent research and development of RTU for many years. It is reported that the world's first wide temperature safety rtu/plc-rocke50 product released by security control technology this time is another major technical achievement of security control technology, which increases its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process. The product has completely independent intellectual property rights and has passed the SiL2 certification of TUV Rheinland, a third-party authoritative certification agency. The hardware level of the product has even reached the safety level of level 3, which plays a great role and significance in improving industrial development

Lu Ming, vice president and chief engineer of security control technology, said that at present, security control already has an RTU product development team, the technical framework of the product has been formed, and the platform has also been established. The next goal of security control technology is to give full play to the role of the team on the basis of the existing platform, continuously develop a series of industrial safety products, and adhere to industrial safety as an important area of the company's next research and development

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