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It is difficult for independent brand tires to break the "bottleneck" and move to overseas markets

the huge ownership of Chinese cars makes the market space of tires, a consumable, larger and larger. Xinhua letter found through analysis and comparison that the ratio of tire production to car ownership is relatively fixed, about 10 times that of car ownership. At present, the number of cars in China has reached 100million, which means that there is room for 1billion tires in China's tire market, which is a market that any enterprise is keen on

foreign brands have occupied 80% of the market

at present, the world's top 10 multinational tire companies in finite element analysis modeling have settled in China, while 50% of local state-owned key tire enterprises have been merged and acquired by foreign investors. At present, more than 80% of the domestic radial tire market has been carved up by foreign tire manufacturers

it is understood that all the top 10 global tires have come to China. In 2006, there were 19 foreign-funded tire enterprises in China with 36 factories. The output of semi steel radial tires accounted for 76% of the national output, and the export volume was less than half. It can be seen that foreign capital has a significant advantage in semi steel radial tires, and the export volume is small. Some enterprises basically do not export, and are completely sold in China

at present, the domestic passenger radial tire industry is divided into three echelons. The first group army has three tire giants, Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone, which almost monopolize the high-end market. The second group is mainly Japanese and Korean brands, and its market share is also increasing. Domestic brands belong to the third group army, and only a few large domestic brands are between the second group army and the third group army, such as Wanli brand of Guangzhou South China Rubber Tire Co., Ltd., triangle brand of Triangle Group Co., Ltd., Linglong brand of Shandong Linglong Rubber Co., Ltd., good luck brand of Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd., BCT brand of Beijing Capital Tire Co., Ltd. and Haida brand of Sichuan Haida Rubber Group Co., Ltd

in fact, the business expansion of foreign-funded enterprises in China has formed a considerable scale. Bridgestone has formed a complete business system integrating production, sales and research, which is composed of China headquarters, 4 production bases, 1 training center and 2 R & D institutions. At present, Hantai tire has the highest market share in the domestic car tire market. Its customers include domestic low, medium and high-end vehicles, and said that it will open 300. On the other hand, the price of power batteries will drop, and many direct stores and franchise stores. Michelin tire people's advertising and public welfare publicity is overwhelming. It not only continues to maintain the advantages of the high-end car market, but also vigorously enters the field of public transport. At present, it accounts for 25% of Beijing's bus tires

at the same time, Bridgestone, Hantai, Jinhu, Jiatong and other enterprises have said that they will target the first market share in China, that is, more than 20%

independent brands have no choice but to move to overseas markets

"the quality of tires of domestic and foreign brands is comparable, but the brand influence is vastly different." Ju Hongzhen, President of China Rubber Industry Association, said with emotion

he introduced that a flat high-speed tire of series 40 and 45 sold for about 4000 yuan by foreign brands, with a driving mileage of about 30000 kilometers, and users flocked to it; Wanli brand, one of the six major brands of Chinese tires, is less than half the price of foreign brands. It can drive 60000 kilometers, but few people pay attention to it

it is understood that Chinese tires are in a weak position in the market competition because they do not pay attention to publicity and have no brand awareness. In addition, China's own brand tires are large and scattered. There are more than 600 tire enterprises in China, and Shandong accounts for more than 500. A senior industry insider revealed that many enterprises have not even registered trademarks, poor technical equipment, low product quality, beautiful tires outside, but not inside. The overcapacity of domestic tires reached about 40%, and the qualified rate of random inspection of tire quality was only 85%. "The domestic original tire market is almost dominated by foreign brands. Japanese and Korean auto manufacturers choose Japanese and Korean tires, European and American auto manufacturers choose American and European brands, and the purchase right of car radial tires in joint ventures is not in the hands of China." Ju Hongzhen said

in this case, Chinese tire brands have to strive to expand overseas markets. Wang Feng, general manager of Shandong Linglong tire, told that at present, the export volume of Linglong tire accounts for nearly 50% of the total sales volume, but in the planning of Linglong tire, the overseas market should still maintain an increase of at least 30% every year. More than 70% of Wanli brand products produced by South China tire are exported to overseas markets. These two enterprises are among the six major brands of Chinese tires, which is a very embarrassing situation. Now it is time to take out and grind the piston and piston sleeve. According to statistics, the total output and domestic market share of passenger radial tires of the six major brands in China account for only 25% of the whole industry, while the market share of Hantai tire in South Korea almost reaches this level

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