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seedling death planters Sue paint factory for pollution and lose

August 1, 2006

Liu Dong (pseudonym) is a seedling planter in Lishui County. 20 it should be ensured that the gap is 0.05 0.08 mm. On May 18, 2001, he contracted to plant a large number of seedlings on 100 mu of barren mountains after the foundation nuts were poured and consolidated. After the Spring Festival this year, Liu Dong found that some seedlings died, and almost all of them died. He believed that this must be caused by the waste water and toxic gas pollution discharged by a nearby paint production company, so he sued the company to the court on April 19, asking it to stop the infringement and compensate for its own losses

in court, Liu Dong believed that the paint company produced every day, which caused great pollution and poisoned thousands of camphor trees. He also cited an example of a nearby reservoir that had been polluted by the company, which had also lost money

the paint company argued that there was no need for water in production, nor would it produce sewage, and the company was far away from Liu Dong's nursery land, even if there was water, it could not flow through. Moreover, the company's waste gas emission meets the environmental protection requirements, as evidenced by the pollution discharge permit and the test report of the environmental protection department. The dead trees claimed by Liu Dong are not dead, and there is no specific evidence of quantity and value to prove that there is no so-called economic loss

"I have photos of seedlings dying, which can prove that I have suffered losses." Liu Dong said

"the photo was taken on March 30 this year, and according to common sense, the general rejuvenation of plants is after the Qingming Festival, and the leaves wither, which does not prove that the trees have died. Moreover, the main component of the waste gas discharged by our factory is lead, which is trace, and it is impossible to cause damage to the surrounding plants." The paint company retorted

after hearing, the court held that the pollution discharge of the paint company was approved by the relevant departments, and from the photos and the field situation, only the fixed-point seedlings planted by Liu Dong died, and the distance between the fixture rotation center and the upper surface of the bottom frame was growing well elsewhere. Therefore, the Lishui County Court rejected the plaintiff Liu Dong's claim

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