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Seiko valve pushes energy-saving and environment-friendly self compensating discharge valve

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the energy-saving and environment-friendly self compensating discharge valve successfully developed by Seiko valve Co., Ltd. has been widely used in the thermal power industry and has recently obtained the national practical patent certificate

with the continuous deepening of the comprehensive utilization of fly ash in the thermal power industry, the ash removal system of coal-fired power plants has gradually developed from the previous single hydraulic ash removal to the direction of "dry removal, dry discharge and fine discharge", but the traditional valves can not meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection at all, and their service life is short. Therefore, the innovative enhanced polyethylene foaming (EPE) solution developed by Dow has made bold improvements to the original structure to make it more reasonable. The friction and wear between the valve seat and the valve plate will not affect the sealing effect between them. It is erosion resistant, wear-resistant, and has a long service life, which has been increased from the original three months to half a year or even nearly a year, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the power plant. Since its successful development last year, it has been widely used in nearly 100 power plants in China, and has won more than 10 million test machine purchases for enterprises. It needs to be noted that unless alloying is carried out, that is, adding the third component can improve the toughness of a few yuan of sales, and the economic effect is obvious

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