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[selection guide] decode kitchen and bathroom hardware, one of the largest export sub categories of China's hardware products

today, I will take you to decode kitchen and bathroom hardware, one of the largest export sub categories of China's hardware products, which has a potential classification of stable and continuous growth in sales all year round

before, we introduced several related categories of CIHS (China International Hardware Exhibition):

today, as the last introduction of CIHS series, we will also take you to decode kitchen and bathroom hardware, one of the largest export sub categories of China's hardware products, which has a potential classification of stable and continuous growth in annual sales

1. Kitchen and bathroom hardware - the advantage of strong staying power export products

bathroom products, the total export volume in 2017 was about 16.57 billion US dollars, and in 2018 was about 16.58 billion US dollars), including various functional and decorative products needed for daily health activities, such as bathroom hardware accessories, shower rooms, faucets, bathroom cabinets, showers, water jet Jacuzzi, floor drains, corner valves, water supply hoses and other products

in addition, a prominent feature of kitchen and bathroom hardware products is that China's total export volume is much higher than the total import volume (accounting for more than 93% of the total import and export volume), indicating that made in China has a relatively obvious advantage in the industry and has a firm foothold in domestic high, medium and low-grade markets. This is consistent with the trend observed on our eBay platform: at present, online sales has become a sales channel with rapid overall growth, and the overall growth rate has remained at more than two digits for many years. At the same time, Chinese supply and emerging brands not only enter the market with outstanding cost performance, but also more excellent brands can keep up with the trend of integration, intelligence, fashion and humanization in the sanitary industry, so as to be full of a sense of science and technology Products with a sense of design and localized store image and retail standards quickly occupy the minds of consumers

but at the same time, we should also see that compared with DIY hand tools and other e-commerce first mover products, the business scale and share of bathroom hardware products on e-commerce platforms are still small, and the growth potential is huge

next, we will give you a detailed interpretation of the high potential classification of bathroom hardware from different sites, to help sellers in the sprint stage at the end of the year, and also to point out a bright light for sellers' stock up next year

2. Kitchen utensils and cooking utensils Market - the rapid growth of sales has become a key factor in the growth of the global market

these products are basically classified into the categories of kitchen hardware/cooking utensils and dinnerware & serving supplies

according to the customs export data monitored by the China Hardware Association, China's exports of cooking utensils, aluminum or stainless steel tableware in 2018 are known to be nearly $11billion, but the year-on-year negative growth (total -1.8%), indicating the current complex trade environment and the dual challenges of China's traditional export model

at the same time, the scale of the international kitchen utensils market is growing steadily. According to the latest Market Research Report of the third-party Market Research Institution technavio, the compound annual growth rate of the global kitchen utensils market will exceed 4%

leading suppliers (brands) in the global kitchen utensils market pay more attention to e-commerce channels

according to the Research Report of technavio, almost all leading suppliers (brands) in the global kitchen utensils market make it more scientific by providing customers with purchase options Increase advertising spending and other ways to increase investment in marketing. Many world leading brands have settled in. The following figure shows the theme promotion activities being carried out by the famous German kitchen brand WMF

at the same time, the industry characteristics of the kitchen utensils Market and China's export make this category a growth highlight on eBay

fragmented market ecology, cross-border e-commerce that reaches end consumers provides emerging brands with ice breaking tools

according to the technavio Research Report, the global kitchen utensils and cookware market is a highly fragmented mass consumption market in general - which means that the stock of well-known brands still accounts for a low share of the market and consumers' purchase mentality, and consumers' understanding of kitchen utensils aesthetics The awareness of high functionality (including new materials and new design concepts that can be affirmed according to specific methods) is constantly improving. Coupled with the significant trend of family miniaturization in developed economies such as the United States and Western Europe, the relatively young e-commerce consumers are the main force of home purchase (nest building generation), making new products with innovative design, marketing and cost-effective prominent in the market, Graphene materials have been used to add some functional capabilities to ordinary objects: footwear brands with better heat dissipation have the opportunity to catch up. This is giving Chinese brands (manufacturers) huge business opportunities

some kitchen and bathroom hardware enterprises that will appear at the CIHS "eBay big seller + high-quality brand" docking meeting in 2019. At that time, eBay category experts will explain to you in detail on the scene ~ (source: eBay)

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