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Security storage market focuses on the new generation of data center

at present, the new generation of data center has become the focus of the market and an important step towards the field of cloud computing. Building a dynamic data center is the trend, but today's data centers are facing bottlenecks in performance, cost and scalability in storage and network. To break the security storage bottleneck, an open and unified storage network architecture is essential

for dynamic data centers, the next generation of unified security storage needs to have an extensible fusion architecture, such as cluster parallel to give ABC columns better gloss, stronger toughness and high weather resistance storage; Use industry standardized components to achieve cost reduction due to economies of scale. At the same time, the network is unified to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and FCoE, and supports IP and optical fiber protocols, reducing network cost and complexity. In addition, solid-state storage with high performance, low power consumption and smaller volume should be used on security storage media, and advanced storage services should be realized at the same time

speaking of unified platform architecture, in traditional thinking, server, storage and network are independent of each other. However, with the continuous increase of applications and data, the trend of cloud computing continues to develop. What users need is that a data center can be regarded as a unified platform to consider the problem of storage and network from the perspective of improving the efficiency of the entire data center

opportunities brought by the new generation of data centers

nowadays, as more and more manufacturers join cloud computing, constantly improving technologies and products can help enterprise users transform traditional data centers. From the private cloud inside the enterprise to the public cloud outside, the role of storage and network platform can not be ignored. The significance of the construction of a new generation of data center is to realize the organic integration of server, storage and network through technological innovation and provide support for the construction of private cloud and public cloud

the management strategy of the new generation data center will unify all architecture platforms, and the independent work of servers, storage and networking branches will be effectively improved. The new generation data center integration architecture, that is, the integration of the entire infrastructure composed of servers, networks and storage systems, so that each system can give full play to its greatest advantages. To manage the new generation data center, we must be able to fully consider all elements of the data center and the relationship between them, so that storage, networks and servers need to change accordingly, so as to meet the requirements of future cloud computing applications

as a chip manufacturer, Intel not only plays a very important role in the process of rising server performance, but also continues to innovate in the new generation of data centers. From 2008, Intel increased its investment in the storage field to 2009, when Intel began to integrate its server, storage and network businesses, which upgraded the original server platform division to the current data center division. Under the open and unified data center architecture, Intel further integrates server, chip, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, FCoE, solid state storage (SSD) and other related technologies to gather strength for the new generation of data centers

the key problem of data center and converged storage and network

the integration of new generation data center is the integration and interworking of network and storage. At present, the internal communication network of many enterprises still mainly relies on Ethernet to install the anchor screws, while the mainstream communication protocol of the storage network is still optical fiber (FC). With the gradual progress of 10Gb Ethernet, the fiber communication technology based on Ethernet (FCoE) and the ball screw technology of the new lossless 10GB Ethernet Jinan experimental machine factory electronic universal experimental machine have become popular in the data center, The foundation of data center network convergence in the future will be built on 10GB Ethernet architecture

based on such network requirements, unified network architecture has also become a key part of the new generation data center. On the basis of supporting EDC standard, Intel provides support for Ethernet based optical fiber protocol FCoE, and integrates storage network and enterprise local area network simply and effectively through FCoE. The biggest problem in the data center is i/o. When multiple applications are integrated into one server, the standard network port cannot meet the requirements, which limits the bandwidth. 10 Gigabit Ethernet can better solve the network transmission problem, not only meet the IO bandwidth, but also provide unified and simplified management

in terms of computing equipment, all servers, storage and application resources in the data center realize a high degree of aggregation and interworking, and realize efficient management and flexible allocation according to users' access needs. The data center based on open architecture can well solve the interoperability of equipment, data migration, resource integration and flexible allocation, and solve this architecture problem across platforms and data centers

as Intel calls open data center, it emphasizes the data center built by developing and applying products, technologies and solutions based on open and standardized architecture. Through continuous innovation, many server and storage network manufacturers in the industry have made the structure of the data center more simplified and the management more efficient, except for several large plastic enterprise groups with younger facilities

therefore, with the concept of open data center and the core products of continuously innovative storage network, the development of data center in the era of cloud computing will be more rapid. The concept of open data center will integrate storage, networking and other technologies more conveniently, so that the new generation of data centers suitable for the field of cloud computing are built based on open architecture. Zhongguancun

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