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Six popular food packaging materials in the international market at present, there are six popular and promising food packaging materials in the world

I. high temperature sterilization plastic cans: the material consists of PP EVOH PP, which is characterized in that the interlayer is made of EVOH, which has extremely good gas retention. The storage period is the same as that of cans. It is stored at room temperature for two years, and can be used to replace the current metal cans. This material is in trial production in the United States and Japan, and has patents

II. Dual purpose plastic plate for microwave oven and oven: it is made of crystalline pet and can withstand high temperature. It is used for microwave oven and oven food and is discarded after use. This material has developed rapidly in the United States, and is currently used by 60% of households. Japan is also developing this material rapidly

III. extrudable bottle: the material is pp-evoh-pp, which is made by CO extrusion technology, with good gas retention and extrusion. It is used for hot filling and no sterilization. Turn the speed valve backward to avoid quality problems. Unscrew the oil supply in the needle direction to lift the piston away from the food packaging at the bottom of the cylinder, such as sauce, seasoning sauce, etc

IV. k-oak hot filling system: the material composition is low-density polyethylene paper aluminum foil containing ionomer, which is carried out in the way of hot filling. It is suitable for high-temperature filling and packaging of high acid food, with a storage life of more than one year

People began to use computer simulation technology to predict the performance of materials. Fifth, aseptic packaging: aseptic packaging has been used in food for some time, and the development trend is aseptic packaging of high-capacity, low acid food and high consistency food

VI. high barrier laminated materials: This is the trend of food packaging materials, and there are four developments: amorphous nylon, with gas resistance 6 times that of nylon, saranhb, with gas resistance 10 times that of saran film, and acrylate resin; Metallized coating, used for small packages such as snacks and biscuits


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